Delete user account and data

Hey guys, Apple is asking me to implement a way for the user to delete their account, I created a page with a button and an action “delete logged in user” but I have seen on this forum people giving more complex solutions for this.
Is what I did wrong or is it simply something that Adalo implemented recently (after the posts I have seen were created)

You can do it manually as long as you have the option for user to intiate it as far as i know. To do automatically you could call adalo api to delete related collection items before deleting the user record

Hey mate thanks for replying.
Bare with my ignorance, by “manually” you mean edit the database myself ?
The only data I collect is just name, email and password would that be deleted with the action “delete logged in user” or do I need to implement an API as you are saying ?

P.s. Your videos were really useful when I was building the app so thanks for that as well

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I meant manually on database yourself, but If that’s all the data you collect, you can just do a delete user action that they initiate themselves from a button, no need to do anything manually.

I was thinking more imagine they have a separate collection of images or something, that would get left on the server if you deleted the user.

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i am having same problem