Delete an Account now required for iOS Apps

There are many new iOS rules out as of yesterday, this one immediately caught my eye. Realize now you’ll have to provide a way to DELETE a user’s account if they request.

5.1.1(v): Apps supporting account creation must also offer account deletion.

Edit: Adalo does support this, see Colin’s post below. Just make sure you offer this as an option to users.

Here’s a link to all the terms:

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Hi Marc,

Is there a specific reason why you can not use the built-in delete action?

I totally did not see that! agh. sorry. Editing my post.

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Yeah I saw that too. It might be a bit more complicated than just deleting the user as for various legal reasons you might need to keep all or some of the users’ data esp if you have any financial transactions happening. eg. KYC, Anti Money Laundering and the nitty gritty of GDPR.

But nothing that can’t be done with Adalo functionality- it’s all possible in our favourite development world! :wink:

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