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After erasing the screen, does this data remain in the metadata? The Apple store sticks to the fact that in my metadata there is still a screen for VIP access, I deleted it but they still send me screenshots from it that in the metadata it has not been removed. How do I get rid of it? Do the program from scratch?

Hey there @waszczuklukasz

After you have deleted the screen, you must create a new build to submit to the app stores. Native builds do not update immediately like the PWA and previewer. You must create a new build for that deleted screen to be gone.

But I am uploading a new build to the apple store. There is no problem with google, they quickly put everything there and there is still something in the apple. This is the sixth compilation and they still see this screen from the premium version in the metadata.

Google and Apple are completely different in the way that they “test” and “approve” apps. Google is lenient and will allow the app to be published, even with errors. (I can provide specific examples if you’d like). Apple is a lot more strict with its approval process.

Can you provide a screenshot of the message that they sent you so that we can see the message in its entirety?

" Hello,

The issues we previously identified still need your attention.

If you have any questions, we are here to help. Reply to this message in App Store Connect and let us know.

Guideline 3.1.1 - Business - Payments - In-App Purchase

We found in our review that your app or its metadata provides access to mechanisms other than in-app purchase for purchases or subscriptions to be used in the app, which does not comply with the App Store Review Guidelines.

Next Steps

To resolve this issue, please remove features, account registration links, and any other links to your site that could indirectly provide access to external purchase mechanisms.

If you have any additional information to provide regarding the digital content and services in your app and how the guidelines apply to them, please reply to this message in App Store Connect and let us know. If there is information you’d like us to consider in our review of future submissions, please feel free to include it in the App Review Information section of App Store Connect."

and send me screenshot from screens but i delete this screens form my apps.

It could be possible that the Digital Purchase component is still in your app somewhere or maybe just stuck in the build. If you have the component in the app, even if it’s not linking to the screen that contains it, it will still contain the code/metadata for the IAP stuff.

I recommend looking through every single screen for the digital purchase component and removing it.

If the component is stuck in the build and not on any screens, you may need to submit a support ticket to have the CX team see if there’s anything lingering in the app after removing the component.

Also, if you mention anything about upgrading, membership, or subscription, Apple will reject the app, even if you don’t have IAP capabilities in the app (like if you’re using a website instead of the app to collect payment/upgrade users), UNLESS you actually implement IAPs with Apple.

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