Troubles with Apple Guidelines 2.3.10 Performance


I have a lot issues to publish my app in App Store by next guidelines that doesn’t permit publish, this is the message from Apple:

Guideline 2.3.10 - Performance - Accurate Metadata

We still noticed that your app or its metadata includes irrelevant third-party platform information.

Specifically, your app includes non-iOS status bar images in the marketing screenshots.

Referencing third-party platforms in your app or its metadata is not permitted on the App Store unless there is specific interactive functionality.

Next Steps

To resolve this issue, please remove all instances of this information from your app and its metadata, including the app description, promotional text, What’s New info, previews, and screenshots.

Do you have same problems?

Can you post examples of the screenshots you used when submitting to the App store?

Hello @Colin , of course… here screen shots:

Usually Apple give right feedback about your app. And send the screenshots with errors (or wrong information). Your screenshots from PWA version, not native! Create the native screenshots and change it in the app connect. Then check the app description, promotional text, What’s New info etc.

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Yes, I upload screenshots are next, but they give me feedback about “We still noticed that your app requires users to register or log in to access features that are not account-based.” And other apps, same like us, have function to register or log in users.

To fix the login issue you must allow users to browse menus without having to login.

Apple quote - "You should allow users to freely access your app’s non account-based features. For example, an e-commerce app should let users browse store offerings and other features that are not account-based before being asked to register, or a restaurant app should allow users to explore the menu before placing an order. Registration must then only be required for account-specific features, such as saving items for future reference or placing an order.’’

Yes, and how can I resolve this problem with Adalo if my customer need to use form to check user’s age before entry because is an Alcoholic Drink application.

Like many other apps and websites you just add a screen with a date picker asking people to enter their date of birth and if the date of birth shows they are 18+ then they can move on to another screen.

Hello @crmorris2 . Thank you so much for your support. I would like your idea, but I waste time trying do this solution (check screenshots).

My problem is create click action in same buttom and move on the screen depending age. Have you done this fuction?

Hi Modus,

What you are trying to do will not solve the original problem. You need to allow access to your shop WITHOUT a person registering, this is why I suggested adding an age check.

An age check is quite easy to do.

I have done an example which you can clone and change the design or you can just copy how it is done. It can be found here test env 2

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Dear @crmorris2 , I will try your function and will be back with news. Thank you thank you and thank you soooo much!

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