Appointments tab issue

The way i have it set up is when you click on a service it takes you to the details page about the services then to the book appointment page once you do that then it take you to the request confirmation page there is a button on the request confirmation page and when you click on it it takes you to the page where you see all your upcoming and past appointments. But when I click preview all I see is appointments for tax preparation services and not bookkeeping on the page that shows you all of your upcoming and past appointments. How do I add bookkeeping services so when the client is on there profile they can see both bookkeeping and tax preparation services on there appointment tab. Also how do I get the date to show up.

Hi @Donye !! :wave: :wave:

So the problem is in the appointments tab the bookkeeping appointments are not showing.
Am I right @Donye ?

Yes that’s the issue

@Donye Can you send a screenshot of the setup in that screen?

Hello if you look at the question I asked there are several pictures of what I am talking about

In that screen what components are you using?

Is there any bookkeeping appointments in your DB @Donye ?

Yes if you look at the photos i originally uploaded you will see my database and you will see type of service and that is where you will see bookkeeping and tax Preparation

Remove that filter and see @Donye

What filter? Can you clarify

I mean the filter in that requests list

I will do that!!!

Is it working? If you like can you share me the app to clone and see.(If not working)

I just did it and it did not work

Also How would I get the Tax Preparation tocsay Bookkeeping if the client booked for Bookkeeping and tax preparer to say bookkeeper

Can you share the app to clone and see? If you like @Donye

I can give you app access I dont want no one to clone it

Ok sure @Donye

Ok just sent it!!!