Appointments tab issue

Ok got it. Wait I will see and let you know.

Ok thank you so much!!!

Ok thanks!!!

When I do changes does that changes are appearing?

I think so let me check

what changes have you done so far can you send screenshots

I think this is the issue. The bookkeeping appointments are also adding but the title is tax appointments every time. Ithink you have to create another list and change the title for bookkeeping

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ok how do I go about that!!!

I just added another list

now I don’t see a list at all on the screen can you tell me what I did wrong

All I am seeing now is just past appointments and not upcoming appointments

@Donye services are the bookkeeping and tax know?

nope. How do i add that

you created a collection for services

yes but I have 0 records for that

@Donye in the appointments tab you want to create it like this know?

I did that but in preview mode I am not seeing what I created

so can you click on preview and see if you see any upcoming appointments on the screen

Yes. I added some appointments and these are the appointments.

can you show me how you did that. what records did you pout in the service database.