I am new and need help with my app

Hello I need doing something. i have created an app and I have two services that I will be offering on the app. The way i have it set up is when you click on a service it takes you to the details page about the services then to the book appointment page once you do that then it take you to the request confirmation page there is a button on the request confirmation page and when you click on it it takes you to the page where you see all your upcoming and past appointments. But when I click preview all I see is appointments for tax preparation services and not bookkeeping on the page that shows you all of your uocoming and past appointments. How do I add bookkeeping services so when the client is on there profile they can see both bookkeeping and tax preparation services on there appointment tab. or will I have to upgrade to the premium in order to do that.

Hi @Donye - can you share a screenshot of your collection showing that the correct user has the appointment assigned to them?

Also can you show some screenshots of your screen configuration?

Hello I have not launched it yet yesterday was my first time ever creating an app but here is a screenshot of what I am referring too. I want people to see all of their appointments on the appointment screen regardless of what services they booked, such as tax preparation or bookkeeping.

Hi @Donye - Can you share a screenshot of your database collection (not the app) where you have the appointments listed?

Like this:

Can you share an example that’s populated with some records?

I’m interested to see what the data looks like in the collection where you’re expecting to see both services listed but only actually get one on the output of the page.

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Perhaps I’m not being clear - I wanted to see how the user is related to the “types of services” collection.

I have it set to where a user can have many types of services and where types of services can have many users

And what’s the collection called that manages these relationships? Can you show me a screenshot of that collection?

Ok - great. So back to your original question. You have a list on a page that’s only showing tax preparation and not bookkeeping right?

So I think if you can show me the configuration for your list on that page we should be able to find the problem. I’m guessing that the filter being applied on that list is not set correctly.

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