Are GIMP created PNG images compatible with Adalo?

Adalo is not able to render PNG files that I created with GIMP. Other PNG files not created with GIMP work fine. I have tried multiple browsers, which don’t make a difference. Is there a specific PNG setting or something that is preventing Adalo from rendering GIMP PNG files? Is anyone else having issues with GIMP created PNG files in thier app? I have taken a working PNG file (it works in Adalo), opened it in GIMP and then exported as a PNG. The Same PNG file exported in GIMP does not render in Adalo. When I attempt to view the image, the site I am directed to show a 422 error. My GIMP version is 2.10.10.

Interesting. I’ve used Gimp for all my image exports in Adalo and have never had any issues.

All I’ve needed to do in Gimp 2.10 is “File” → “Export as” and specify PNG as image format. No settings changes needed. Unless an update to Adalo in the last week or so caused this issue, it may be a problem with your Gimp installation. Not sure.

Does the same issue happen if you do this from another PC?


Ditabo, thanks for the advice, it worked on another computer, I upgraded GIMP from 2.10.10 to 2.10.24 and now it works on the original computer as well. Problem SOLVED!

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