Are this editor bugs?

I’m new in Adalo and I’m a little bit frustrating about how editor behave. Maybe (for sure) I’m not so expert but I’ve managed many many editor and in my opinion there is a large margin to improvement user experience.

I’m encountering some issues (maybe a bugs) that force me to waste so many time, please watch videos attached.

The first one is probably a bug. Whe I try to modify the list margin for a single breackdown, the system does not allow m to insert the desired value. This happen in that field but sometimes similar issue happen in other fields like width size of the page.
Screenshot 2024-02-03 alle 08.08.17
Here the video: - Google Drive

Th second issue is probably my error, if someone could help me, I will really appreciate it. Here the video: - Google Drive

The third issue happens sometimes when I try to visualize the App from mobile. For some reason the screen load many times in a loop and in the end I receive this error. Here the video: RPReplay_Final1706943741.MP4 - Google Drive

Could someone gently explain me what is happening with editor and other problems? :grinning:

(I tried with Google Chrome and Safari)

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Any ideas? :smirk:

Literally the same issues I am having. I went back to the legacy builder. If you have an old app I would just copy that app and make it so that it copies the database but doesn’t share and then you can delete everything and start over with a new app. That is what I have been doing because the new builder really is not working like it should be.

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