ASAP! Adalo don't working

My app in the production didn’t work today!
See the attachment

This action can’t be complete
awful Adalo :frowning:

Hi Sergey,

Could you explain your problem? “My app in the production didn’t work today” is not a problem.

In my experience this happens when that action doesn’t make sense.

Or Collection permission as Victor said.

Action can’t delete logged in user from relation field.
The relation field doesn’t have any permission…

As you can see on the screenshot action did’n works on button
I use the action update for remove logged in user from relation field

I found this topic: Adalo Status - Update Actions w/ relationship fields not completing

And I think it’s the same problem…

Do you have already logged in to the app? In my experience if you are not logged in this action makes no sense because if you are not logged in how the action remove the logged in user. If you have deleted that record from your Database and previewed the app then you need to logout. Because the app doesn’t auto logout.

If you have already logged in and showing this popup you can Submit A Support Ticket.

Hi @oper2k,

Tried to replicate it on a fresh app - everything works for me.
So this might be related to some bug with the existing apps (I’ve heard something about that). Submitting a ticket sounds like a good idea.

Also you can have a look at browser console and see what mistakes are there - may be this will give some hint.



In my experience, this may be happening because the action includes “Removed logged in user” but you’ve not logged in

Create a log in screen, add a log in action and create user action. Then try testing this

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I try to do this but in doesn’t helped me
The issue still present
I wrote to the support Adalo 3 days ago and still nothing reply

Can you share a clonable app link on personal messages or here so I can try to help you out with this? And maybe a screen recording of you performing the action where the issue is happening…

Did you get a solution? I am having same issue.

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