Asking for tips for a simple "contact us" message system

I’m building a super simple “contact us” message screen. This is not a chat system, although I do want to include the ability to reply. I’m just building a way for my users to contact me (and sometimes vice versa).

The create message screen has two fields: Logged in user name, and message.

So far, I can create a message, and I can visit the ViewMessages screen and see the new message (along with the sender’s name).

To reply to that message, I created a click action “create new contact message”. And here’s where I’m lost.

How do I identify the intended recipient of the reply? It should go back to the specific user who sent the original message.

I understand this isn’t really a “message”. I’m really just creating an entry in my “messages” collection, and filtering who can see each particular message.

I know I can use one of the existing chat components, but I’d really like to build this myself.

I’d appreciate any advice or tips anyone might have.

And I’ll have more questions after we work this one out!

Hi Michael,

I made a video that can help you!

The Community is there to help you! :wink:

Thank you


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