Creating Chat for App

Hello I am busy creating my app which is a bookkeeping and tax services app where clients can book me to do there taxes or bookkeeping. I wanted to add a chat function where they can chat with me the app creator and I can chat with them. Also all I have is a free membership account.

There’s a youtube video Adalo created which explains how to do this:

There’s also a page template you can use as a starting point:

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Hello i use the page template for the chat but what I am referring to is how to send messages on the app. because when i click preview or share and I click on message I don’t know how to send them or how to operate it. can you give more clarification on how to send messages. I seen the video but I am struggling with sending and creating a new message. I want to be able to send a client/user a message and they be able to respond to me.

In the video they explain how this works. However rather than thinking about sending a message, the way it works it that your app just adds records to a collection.

When a user types in the message box and clicks the send button… it doesn’t really send a message. It just adds a new record to the collection of messages indicating who sent the message, who the recipient was, and the content of the message. The message is received at the other end because the user’s screen gets updated by refreshing a query against the collection.

Does that make sense?

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Yes, thank you so much.

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