Assigning Tasks to another user with notification

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I am new to Adalo and want to create a Task Management app in which it gives an option for a task to be assigned to another user and trigger a notification.

Not really sure how it’s done.

Your advice is greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

Hey there @annramos! Welcome to the community :sunglasses:

There are several ways to accomplish this. This is the most user-friendly from my experience.

You can add a new collection called something like “Teams” or “Friends” or “Family members” (or whatever you want it to be called). For this example, I’ll use “Teams”.

Add a 2 many-to-many relationship between users and Teams. In the Teams collection, rename the first relationship to “Pending Users” and the 2nd “Team Users”. In your users collection rename both team parameters. The first one “Pending Teams” and the 2nd team parameter to “User Teams”

Add a screen called “Teams” that contains a list of your logged-in user teams. Also, add a button to link to a new screen where you can create a new team. Once you enter your team name, set the submit button action to link to a new screen that contains a list of users. On the list of users, set the action to “Update > Current User” and on the user’s pending teams parameter “Add > Current User”

On the Teams screen, add a list of Teams > Logged-in user Pending teams. Add 2 icons to this list to approve/reject the pending request.

Set the action on the approve icon to remove logged-in user from Pending users and add the logged-in user to Team Users. Set the action on the reject icon to remove logged-in user from pending users (do not add them to team users as they rejected the invite).

Add a one-to-many relationship between Tasks and Teams where a task belongs to one team and a team can have many tasks.

On your home screen, you can add a list of tasks that can be filtered to “logged in user > teams users > tasks”.

Hi there!

Thank you so much for your response.

Let me go ahead and try this out, I really appreciate it!

Thank you again!

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