Assign new record with all users associated within a collection


I have a scenario I need to build.

3 collections, namely:

  • Users
  • User types
  • Tasks

A user is associated with a user type (a user can have one user type).

I am currently able to assign a task to an individual user via a custom form or via the Adalo form when the user collection is related to the task collection (a user can have many tasks, and a task belongs to one user).

What I am now trying to figure out is the following:
When I create a task, I want to be able to assign the task to either a single user via dropdown OR to a user type via dropdown, in which case all users associated with that user type will receive the task.

How do I go about achieving this?

You need to do looping here, put countdown inside the list with that collection filtered to the user type selected.



Take a look here,

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