Is there any option to make a separate group of users by an admin and assign each group a specific task? FOR A MOBILE APP

Is there any option to make a separate group of users by an admin and assign each group a specific task? FOR A MOBILE APP

Welcome to Adalo! There are many possibilities with Adalo, you need to spend a little time going through the tutorials and start building your functionalities.

There are many in the forum who’ll help you along the way if you’re stuck.

Good luck!

Thank you for your reply. But I’ve already seen those tutorials and I didn’t get this specific part OF MAKING A SEPERATE GROUP AND ASSIGNING EACH GROUP A SPECIFIC TASK

Can you provide more details on what exactly you would like to achieve?

The more details you provide the better it is for community members to help you.

Like the admin can create group for the users and assign the group a particular work. Like that many group!

To get started you need to understand how databases are made.

Make a “Groups” Collection with Group Name and Users field with a Many to Many Relationship to the Users Collection.

Then when you create a task, you can either create a new group or assign to an existing group.

Ok thank you! But how do I make a group and add users in that?

You may need to spend a little more time getting familiar with how adalo works, watch the videos on YouTube and dig in. A lot of the videos explain these concepts. After that, you’ll need to make a layout and show us what you are trying to accomplish so we can better help.

Here’s a simple example of working with users and groups, you can clone it and expand for your needs.

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Thank you very much! @ncmarc Can you please say me the following in the app:

  1. The relationship of ‘Group’ property in ‘Users’ collection
  2. The relationship of ‘Tasks’ property & ‘Users’ property in ‘Groups’ collection
  3. The relationship of ‘Group’ property in ‘Tasks’ collection

And how will I add the users to a group just by searching & adding them? And how will the user get to access the task?

Thank you for the previous reply! Hope you reply this too!:raised_hands:

Welcome to the forum @NoCoder101 I think you need to dig in a little bit more on how databases are related and work.
From there. You can easily implement what you are trying to achieve, like allowing a user to implement tasks and functionalities (properties) to other users. Plenty of material here in the forum just search for the keywords. Start experimenting and get familiar with the interface.

Sure @pacorro ! And thanks for the reply! I will do it!

You can clone my app into your account and look at the relationships. This was not a complete example, but gives you the basics of how you might do this. There is no one correct answer, there are many ways to go about this. It’s just a matter of what you are trying to achieve. Design some interfaces of what you think it should look like, then people will be more willing to help.

Ok thank you for your response @ncmarc I just want the admins to create groups as much as they want and while creating that, there must be a field in the form to choose the existing users of the app and add multiple users in the group at the same time and then the admin can allot each group a specific task. And also one user can belong to many groups created by various admins so that the users can access various tasks from different groups! This is a Multi Sided App! This is like creating a WHATSAPP GROUP!
Thank you!:pray:

I updated my example where a user can be part of multiple groups.

You will have to make an app where there is login and admin users can edit groups… but this shows how the relationship works for users that are part of multiple groups.

you will have to make the rest


Thank you @ncmarc for this! Exactly got what I needed! I just wanna know one more thing that’s how can I add users to the group while creating the group? At the same time?

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