Assigning values & performing mathematical calculation

:wave: Hey There,

I need some help here.

I have a form that has 3 check box fields (True/False)
{True/False; Checkbox} Item-1
{True/False; Checkbox} Item-2
{True/False; Checkbox} Item-3

Apart from these 3 properties in the database, I have 4 more properties

With the click of Submit, this is what I want to do.

  1. If the Item-1 checkbox is selected, Item-1-Number should have ‘4’ else ‘0’
  2. If the Item-2 checkbox is selected, Item-2-Number should have ‘2’ else ‘0’
  3. If the Item-3 checkbox is selected, Item-3-Number should have ‘1’ else ‘0’
  4. Total-Score-Number should be Item-1-Number + Item-2-Number + Item-3-Number

The end objective is to identify a final score based upon the checkboxes selected by the user.

Thanks in anticipation.