Assistance with an iOS app rejection issue (in app purchases)

I don’t know what to do with this. Any Adalo resources on this type of rejection?


I had this setup as a non-renwable subscription

My understanding is that as of February 2021, recurring subscriptions did not work. Perhaps that is the issue I am running into?

@yelkhayami @pford @dilon_perera can you lend a hand in helping me to understand this?

The purchase is supposed to permit 365 days of access to “Pysma+” to me this seems like a non-renewable subscription… so is this supported by Adalo yet? If so, who has done this successfully and what should my receipt servers be set as?

If subscription are not yet supported, is the suggestion that I should submit it as a consumable? And if so, am I technically lying to Apple? If so, is there a risk to that?


Hey @tanner, just a side note, the Adalo team is off until Jan. 3rd. :slight_smile:


You’d be rejected.


Hey @tanner, yes this is supported by Adalo for Non-recurring subscriptions on both iOS and Android. As @TKOTC has pointed out if you try to deceive apple and use consumable for a subscription type scenario it will fail.

But non recurring subscription 100% work with the iAp component, I have many Apps made on Adalo this year using non recurring subscriptions, and my scenario is very similar to yours, allowing the user to purchase “blocks” of time. Once they run out, they rebuy. This app I just released yesterday called Flash Fleet, fully made on Adalo using iAp Non Recurring Subscription.

Very Simple Set up:

Multi Sided, a user pays to set up a team or “Fleet”. They initially get 14 days for free, once it runs out they hit a pay wall. It takes the user to “memberships page” where it says purchase. Once they purchase it passes the membership into purchased, and changes Fleet/User plan end date by +365 days from current time. In the purchased list I change the iAp label to read “Restore” this shows apple that you support restoration of a membership, which the iAp component can check and verify if you have in fact purchased the membership in the past.

Two more apps available we built for both iOS and Android using the same membership system built on Adalo with non recurring iAp. TTFit and EXL Tennis

I still think @TKOTC solution is fantastic and I will likely use it also going forward, but to answer your question as it stands, 100% you can use Adalo for non recurring iAp.

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Recurring IAP is coming soon and you can already join the Beta for it, please just submit a ticket to do so.

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