Recurring Subscriptions apple/google play

hi everyone, I need your help. for my app I need to be able to add annual subscriptions. is it possible to do this using apple and google play recurring payments?

Not yet, should be here soon tho, they said it will take a few weeks to create that new component.

Hi @DylanS @rubenmisrachi,

Hopefully, next week will be the testing for subscriptions. :slight_smile:


Hey James, does this mean subscriptions for iOS and Android (with google/apple pay) will be available soon?

I’m due to release a couple of apps, and i would most definitely hold off if this is coming soon, as i’m using workarounds to get by with Stripe use on iOS.

Finger crossed :slight_smile:

Hi Keith,

The developer is making the final tweaks for it, or in other words, it’s in final stages of development. :slight_smile:

Just expect it to come soon. :wink:

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Wow this is awesome. Way to go Adalo…

I have had some hiccups with Adalo, but to be honest all in all, this is a sensational platform… truly. The Canva of the nocode world :slight_smile:


Seems like the perfect way to call Adalo! Never thought of that! :slight_smile: lol

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