Associate user with a store

does anyone know how to associate a user with a store? I need this, because I need the purchase notification at that store to reach its owner.

Hi Trov,

I shared this answer with you before. Create a relationship between users and stores.


I remember. But I don’t know how to do this in practice, I don’t know where to move to do this. Can you send me a print showing where that is?

how can I filter more than that? because it has 6 types of stores, for example, pharmacy, sports, bookstore, pet-shop, and each type of store has at least 10 stores of each category of those mentioned above. There will be a user for each of these stores, I want to know if you can direct this notification to a user of each store of this, so that only he can see it.

If you have this type of relationship between stores and users

Filter notification- all users. Filter user > store > category

Is equal to ‘food’ (for example)

Nice. I will try to apply this method. Thanks.

can you show me this ‘’ store ‘’ database just so i can have a reference to replicate in my application?

I want to send this notification to another application with a shared database, but when choosing the screen to receive this notification does not appear. Is it possible to solve this or will it have to be all together in one application?

I think the notification has to be in the same application, unless you can find a way to trigger it in the other application.

I managed to trigger the notification, but when I go to the screen to check the notification does not appear, do I have to do something else for it to appear?