Notifications between apps with same DB

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I want to know if two or three different apps that use the same DB can communicate with each other by notifications.

In my case, I’m implementing three apps, one for administrators, another one to drivers and a last one to restaurants. So, for example, when a restaurant add an order to be delivered by a driver in the restaurant app and with this triggers a notification to all users, does the drivers and the administrators with their respective app receive the notification?!

And if this works, when I define a screen to be redirected when clicking in the push notification, how can I put the screen of one of the other apps?

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Yes, you can make 2 different apps with same database!

That’s not my question ahaha. That is done, my question is regarding the notifications between those apps…

So if you made it all users that includes the admin, and drivers, but if you made trigging user notify which specific one then that differs

Ok, so all the three apps that share the same database can receive the notification triggered by only just one of them, right?

It won’t send it 3 times, only once, UNLESS you made another one and shared it.

Sorry for the misunderstanding here. This is not possible at the moment.

But there is another workaround.

In your user’s collection add 3 true/false properties:

  • Administrators
  • Drivers
  • Restaurants

Then when you want to send a notification to the users you could filter the user’s depending on what their role is.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Yes, I understood but the thing is that the apps are different for each user… So your sugestion, if I’m understanding, is to have all in one app?

And does the notifications work with the android apk or only when published in the google play store?

Yes, right now my explanation works with one app (which is the only way)

Notifications only work in native apps. (Google Play Store & Apple App Store)

Ok, so just for the record, does the number of the screens have influence on the latency of the app itself?

@duartefalmeida In-app no. But in the editor, it will affect the performance depending on how many screens you have setup

Oop, so it’s not about the database as to how I answered?

@B0untiful_26 What do you mean?

Ok, thanks you very much!

@duartefalmeida No problem!

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So how its not possible when we can share databases? [Except if this a external?] Maybe he meant external?

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