At a stand still, Line component, Lines do not stay put. Is there a Method for underlining text?

Hello Friends, I am trying to underline text. The difficulty of this is pretty much a deal breaker ( and I have put in considerable time and paid the $50). I work in a field adjacent to English instruction, and it is necessary that I can underline text in my apps. Is there something I am missing, or is the reality that adalo cannot easily produce underlines, ( I have the markup component: italics, and bold, I misspoke before).

Edit, using line component, I fix lines underneath example sentences. When using preview function, the lines do not appear where I fixed them because they are not mechanically attached to the words. In the project I am doing and for those users, underlines are industry standard practice rather than bold, italic, or bold-italic. But I might have to compromise and go wit the combo bold-italic

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Hi @NoCodeCadet ,

There is HTML component you might want to try.

Thanks, the markdown renderer is pretty cool. It is a standard in what I do to underline words, but bold and italic are nice.

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This is an issue with ADALO borders in terms of HTML/CSS I believe, if you are using PWA you can try a hack (Never tested in mobile) in both sides of the screen try adding a simple rectangle with same size:

Just color the rectangles after as same as your background. Should also work for mobile.

in PWA




Hey JL,
I meant underlining text. using the line component or other work around. But thanks for this solution. I tried making Rectangles that are 1 high and the width of the word, but they still show up nowhere near where I need them to,

I am pretty close to jumping ship from Adalo to something else. I have already spent so much time learning Adalo, so bummed I gotta find a new building platform.

I get it, but usually the rectangles aligns all my components. Hopefully CSS can be implemented at some point.

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