One last try for help: Here are screenshots of my underlined text problem

I must have underlined text in my app because in English instruction, italics, bold, and underline are necessary in a multiple choice format meant to mimic the admissions exams. I understand that the convention is that underlining text is confusing because links are also underlined, therefore html…

I have created the MVP and everything functions and works and looks fantastic, except for the underlines.
Here is the app on the canvas. I am forced to use the line component to underline portions of text for my students. This is incredibly time consuming. I must emphasize that to the people who created Adalo.

This is what it looks like in preview, and it is the same when viewing from a phone. In some questions, it is even worse.

I paid the $50, and my account renews on July 9, I have already created an account with another nocode platform and done its intro lesson. I am so bummed, I put a lot of work into this.


Hi @NoCodeCadet

Adalo definitely isn’t designed for manually underlying text (no application is).

First, have you tried the HTML custom component in the marketplace? With some HTML editing, that should work for you.

If it doesn’t you’ll need to wait for the rich text feature. You can upvote that here:Additional Database Property Types | Voters | Adalo

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@NoCodeCadet One workaround could be to just use an image of the text which you have already formatted.

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Thanks, I will give it a try!

This could be it,
I had the ‘markdown render’ installed, but not the ‘NoCoderHQ html renderer.’ Thanks!

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