New Help Guide for Markdown Renderer Component

A new help guide for the Markdown Renderer is available courtesy of Simon Siegert!


how does one get the markdown renderer to put text in white or another color?

your guide says to change the body style - but don’t have access to the body style.

Yes actually you’ll use the symbols right inline with the text you want to display. There’s currently no way to change the text color with this component, only the formatting.

Is there a reason why the text is center aligned by default and I can’t seem to change that?

Although I absolutely appreciate this component, it really needs more basic customisation options like choosing where the text is aligned to at least…

Am I right that there’s no way to choose the font to match the rest of the app?

Hey Guys,
thank you for your appreciation!

The component dates back to the time when options like font family could not be customized in Adalo. In the meantime, this is possible and I submitted a new update for the Markdown Renderer on the 8th of August.
With the new version, font, text alignment, and font color can be set.

On the 10th of August @Jake wrote me that the component would soon be reviewed.
However, the update is still under review.
I’m afraid we have to be patient.



Oh, fantastic to hear you’ve already improved it and thanks for filling me in that it was made with limited options a while back.

Look forward to using the updated version.


Hey all. Sorry for the wait on this one.
The new version has been released.


Hello all, is there a way to create separate paragraphs with the markdown renderer component? I read the guide (Basic Syntax | Markdown Guide) and it says the commonly accepted option is to just enter a space, however, entering in a space (shift+enter) between text doesn’t create two paragraphs in the rendered textbox via app preview. Solutions/thoughts?

You should be able to just hit enter in order to do this, no need for shift.

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When I use the Markdown Renderer (which. I dearly love!) I notice the font size seems to be a bit smaller than other text in my app.

Is there a way to change this, or do I just use markdown’s #, ##, ###, style commands?


I am able to increase the font size using the hashtag markers, but now I find that I can’t get a blank line between paragraphs. I end each paragraph with two spaces and then a hard return, which does give me a line break, but it doesn’t put a blank line between the paragraphs.

I’ve even tried three spaces at the end of each paragraph, and using two hard returns, but no joy.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Hey @simon, are you aware of any issues with the markdown component in a created app vs. in the adalo previewer? I recently finished an app using the markdown renderer and it looks great in the adalo previewer, though once I pushed the build to the app store and downloaded the app on my phone, wherever that component is, everything is blank. Have you had anyone else experience similar issues? I submitted a support ticket with adalo and they are looking into it but also suggested I reach out to the component developer. Would be happy to send more detailed screenshots if needed.

Have you found a solution to this? I’m having the same problem.

I’ve used Markdown for years, and I’m familiar with it.

Using the Markdown Renderer in my app, I put two spaces at the end of a paragraph. Hitting shift-enter ONCE gives me a line break, but no blank line.

Hitting shift-enter TWICE gives me a proper paragraph break (with a blank line between the paragraphs) when I’m typing in the database, BUT it still displays as a simple line break (with no blank line) in the actual app. It seems the Markdown Renderer doesn’t know how to interpret a paragraph break.

FYI, the double shift-enter DOES create a proper paragraph break in regular Adalo text fields.

This is not a complaint, but to the developer of the Markdown Renderer, please add this as a feature request. Thank you so much!

In my original problem, I was using markdown for a heading, some bullet points, and then a new heading and regardless of the spaces (shift+enter) in the database text property, there would be no paragraph break between the bullet points and the second heading. Example:

‘### Test paragraph title’

‘* test bullet point text’

‘### test paragraph title 2’

I figured out that as long as I don’t have bullet points right before/after heading, the paragraph breaks (shift+enter) reflect accurately in the adalo preview output. Example:

‘### Test paragraph title’

Non-markdown-altered text paragraph

‘* test bullet point text’

non-markdown-altered text paragraph

‘### test paragraph title 2’

Hope that helps! Also, have you published an app using the markdown component? If so, have you had any issues with everything being blank on the screen where the component starts and further below?

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Great answer.

Last question first: No, I haven’t published my app yet, so I don’t know if there will be any rendering problems yet.

I think what you’re saying is that, if. you use non-markdown text between markdown text, you can get proper paragraph breaks.

My problem is that, when I use the Markdown Renderer component instead of the regular text component, non-markdown text appears smaller than text in the regular text field, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to change font size in the renderer. So my workaround has been to style each paragraph with #### to make it a little bigger. So each paragraph is essentially an H4 heading. This is hacky, I know.

I really want to be able to use bullets, bold, and italic styling, but I don’t think it’s worth the trouble right now. I think I’m just gonna go back to using the native text field for now. At least until the Markdown Renderer starts rendering font in the same size as the regular text field.

This is not at all a complaint about the Markdown Renderer. I’m a huge markdown fan, and I’m thrilled that the renderer is available. I just need to wait until the font size issue is resolved. Huge kudos to the developer!

@braumank did you find a solution to the blank text? i am seeing the same thing.

I talked with Adalo customer support and they’ve determined it’s a bug with the component and are having the dev team take a look at it.

I have same problem when using ## tags. Will not break paragraphs

I’m seeing two of the same issues as well.

Most importantly, the markdown renderer component works in preview mode but not once it’s built in TestFlight (it’s just blank). This is particularly frustrating because I switched out working code (which was just the normal text block) and updated all the content in my content management system once I confirmed the preview was working properly.

Secondly, the default font size is smaller. There are workarounds for this, but those then create their own issues.

Has anyone on the thread seen it resolved in their setup?

I think we all understand that the Adalo platform is a wip, but if the help documentation for a component is written as if it works properly, shouldn’t we be able to safely assume that the component works? It’s painful to see that a bug was filed in January and the changelog does not appear to have any relevant fixes since then.