New Help Guide for Markdown Renderer Component

A new help guide for the Markdown Renderer is available courtesy of Simon Siegert!

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how does one get the markdown renderer to put text in white or another color?

your guide says to change the body style - but don’t have access to the body style.

Yes actually you’ll use the symbols right inline with the text you want to display. There’s currently no way to change the text color with this component, only the formatting.

Is there a reason why the text is center aligned by default and I can’t seem to change that?

Although I absolutely appreciate this component, it really needs more basic customisation options like choosing where the text is aligned to at least…

Am I right that there’s no way to choose the font to match the rest of the app?

Hey Guys,
thank you for your appreciation!

The component dates back to the time when options like font family could not be customized in Adalo. In the meantime, this is possible and I submitted a new update for the Markdown Renderer on the 8th of August.
With the new version, font, text alignment, and font color can be set.

On the 10th of August @Jake wrote me that the component would soon be reviewed.
However, the update is still under review.
I’m afraid we have to be patient.



Oh, fantastic to hear you’ve already improved it and thanks for filling me in that it was made with limited options a while back.

Look forward to using the updated version.


Hey all. Sorry for the wait on this one.
The new version has been released.