At the end of my rope. App crashing on launch in TestFlight

I’m not one for a flame war, but my experience with this product has been less than ideal. I finally got my app to where i could publish to Testflight after having to find so many non-intuitive workarounds to things that should be standard features. I mean come on, not being able to change the height of a button or align something? Come on…

The final straw: I published my app to testflight and everything worked fine. I then made a second build changing a graphic placement by 3 pixels and now each successive build crashes in testflight on my device. “Open a support ticket”… a 3 day SLA for a paying customer on something like this is ridiculous. Obviously I google and this seems to be a COMMON issue of the app crashing after the first successful build. I feel completely cheated not only out of my subscription, but also a month of learning this product which could have been used to build on Flutterflow. I’m giving you guys one more shot to make this right, but I can’t adequately express my disappointment and feeling that this product is not ready for primetime and is a rinkydink operation. Apologies for the harsh words, the frustration is incredibly high right now.

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