Audio feedback?

I might be blind, but I don’t see any method of presenting the user with audio feedback upon performing an action.

Eg… the user clicks a button (that does something amazing) and an audio confirmation is presented.

One way- have audio component with autoplay. Sometimes visible if > logged in user > toggleaudio = true.

Then clicking the button has an action to update > logged in user> toggle audio = true
You will want another action somewhere else to untoggle audio.

You can make the audio player as hidden as possible using the settings, or maybe hide it behind another part of your UI.

So the only way Adalo can play any audio is with this component, there is nothing built-in? And the component needs to be visible to work?

I’ll have a look at the component and play around, but this sounds like a temporary band aid solution, rather than a longterm solution.

EDIT: After testing the audio component, I can say this is not a viable solution. One of the biggest problems is the auto play feature does not always work. In fact, it was about 50% of the time. And the component must be visible to play audio.

There has to be another way to present my users with audio feedback?

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