How to Skip Between Songs in the Audio Component

Hey all, I made a new tutorial this weekend. As you might know, Adalo has an Audio component to play music but there’s no out-of-the-box way to skip between songs.

There’s a hacky workaround and in this video, I’m showing how it can be done :slightly_smiling_face: This doesn’t just apply to the audio player but pretty much anything like images or videos.

Hi @Sebionic ,

Nice tutorial, thanks for doing this.

3 questions:

  1. Do you know when Adalo ignore the actions in the list so we have to move to the component inside list ?
  2. What do you think, are they coming back not to be ignored in the future ? :grinning:
  3. When choosing context menu that show the same collection name such as Current Song, what are your experiences, the top menu is the first collection that are opened or the top menu is the most recent collection is opened ? cause we are navigating in blindfold in this case. :grinning:

Thanks again.

Hey, here are my thoughts on your questions:

  1. I don’t know but I assume tightness on engineering resources so they deprioritised this feature
  2. I’m sure it’s on Adalo’s roadmap to enable those actions by default
  3. Not sure I fully understand your question, apologies. From what I gathered, it’s about which song is displayed. You can play around with the default value for the input box, you can assign a hard value such as 1 (for the song with the track ID = 1) or a value that you saved before so it retrieves the user’s last played song
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Thanks for answering.

For No.3, it is in context menu, when you set filter, there are multiple Current Song, which is at top, middle and bottom.

Okay, got it.

Yea it’s a bit confusing this part as you might have 3 options to choose from. For me, it was mostly the second entry but I also had to trial-and-error this a bit to be honest :slight_smile:

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Thanks for responding.

Well, this is the art when doing it in Adalo then. :grinning:

Fortunately, it is still doable.