Audio Player by Adalo (Sizing)

Hey @adalo team congrats on the launch of components! We’ve been super excited.

Question: The sizing of the audio player, buttons, etc – how can we customize the sizing of the player?

Pardon me if I’m missing something simple . . .


Do you mean the entire player? Like this?



I mean the ability to make the play, forward/backward buttons to be larger.

They stay the same size regardless of how large you drag the container, right?

And the UX would be terrible if it’s super small like that.

Compare to Spotify’s Big Play button when you’re in its audio player.

@Colin thanks for your reply and support.

As with all icons within Adalo right now, it’s currently not possible to resize them.

There is a feature request here that you can upvote and you will be notified when this has been developed.

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Colin, do you know where i can find a tutorial on how to use the player?

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yeah i need to know which external links they are taking about.

There currently is no tutorial specifically for this or other custom components yet. I hope to be able to produce some tutorials on these soon.

In the meantime, can I help you with something specific about it?

@zammeer what do you mean by this? Which option are you talking about?

In regards to the “URL of song” needed for the audio player, what exactly are we supposed to be linking to? I’ve tried Spotify song links with no luck. Is there not an option to upload an audio file to the database and then have it connect that way?

Yes you can upload audio files by using the File picker component.

@Colin so we are linking to URLs to raw .mp3 files correct?

@breathengo Yes, that is correct :slight_smile:

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