Apple submission rejected because of the MP3 component

I’ve found the MP3 Player component to be very buggy. If you want to see it yourself, check MP3 Component rebuild, and go from overview to glossary, recap or the other sections while the audio is playing.

Today it even led to that my app was rejected by Apple… Do you know how I can fix the player component and make it comply with Apple’s rules?

PS. I know I could just remove the “audio” setting from the UIBackgroundModes key, but it’s important for our customers to play the content in the background – and according to the component resources, Audio Player - Adalo Resources, it should be possible.

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Hi Tomas,

Please submit a support ticket for this issue. I’ll try to get in contact with the team regarding this.

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Thanks @James_App_Maker, just submitted the ticket :+1: I named it the same as this help-post

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