Continuous play

Working on an app that requires this feature. I noticed in a thread, @Victor and @anon78309838 discussed it a year ago. Any progress on this? I’m building an assistive app and could really use it to go straight down a user-generated list.

What’s the feature

Continuous play, right down a list in the order they are currently in.

i really don’t understand, could you be more specific as if you are describing it from 0

are you talking continuous play as in the Adalo music player feature? cause if so their is way to do continuous music playing

Yes, continuous play in the adalo music player. I have not found the feature.

Hi @mrentrekin :wave:

How about this one?

Thank you

I actually love this! I found it yesterday while searching! It’s super simple in it’s appearance, but really well executed and slightly complex in it’s delivery. The only problem I have is that…

I have a temporary list of “songs” that the user creates and I want that list to be continuous played from the first to the last, in the order they added them. Then I want them to be able to hit a button and all of them delete and they can populate a new one. So I’m trying to figure out how to “create new song” in order added, play through them all using inputs and filters, then delete them. Proving trickier than I anticipated. Any thoughts?

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Thank you

Hmm. That’s a bit complex one :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes. I’m realizing that. I’ve got two playing back to back at this point, but then it stops and won’t keep playing them. There has to be a way to do it, just haven’t figured out precisely how yet.

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