Authorising new users


my users table has admin: true/false and a authrorise: true/false
I would like to great a notification via a modal for anyone that is an admin each time a new user signs up. the idea is the admin can then go in and authorise that user to use our app. could someone suggest how this can be done please? I initially thought of sending a notification however you cant be selective to specific users.


Hi Michael,

You can create an ‘authorisations’ page which is only accessible if admin=true and then you can have a list of all users that authorise= false. You can then add a button called ‘authorise user’ which changes the authorise to true that an admin can press to authorise a user.

Please let me know if you have any other queries.


Hi Craig,

What you suggested I have done, im more interested in the notification side. being informed of a new user creation and what options there are

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