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Hi everybody, I’m building an App where Users can sign up and enter their personal information. At the end they have a profile page with some of the pre-filled information (e.g. name). I’m also building an Admin Panel with Adalo like a CRM to manage and view the customers. I’m now wondering if there is a way to enter specific information in the Admin panel which is only visible to a specific user?

PLEASE HELP :slight_smile:


You can Make A admin true/falses in the user database and you can go to compont that you what to use and change its viability where only ad,in is = ture will it show

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Hi! Thanks for your support. Could you please elaborate a little more on your proposed solution? The idea should be that in a users profile page an information can be updated only by admin from the admin panel. Is that possible?

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So you want the Admin to be able to change/update a user’s information?

If so,

  1. In your Users database you need to create two Boolean (True/False) properties.
    Ex. Client & Admin

  2. Add an edit button on the user’s page that is only visible to Admins (Only show if User - Admin = True)

  3. The edit button can link to a modal screen. On that screen you can have a form; Update Current>User form. You can make various changes to that user’s info and save/update it.

Hope this helps!

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