Auto delete a product when expiration date is gone

Hi !

Here’s an explanation :
Some customers can create products inside the app (in a Products records database)
Inside there is various field like Name, price, description… and there is Expiration date.

So, when the expiration date is overdue, i want to delete automatically this product, is it possible ?
Or should i use third party app ?

PS: Sorry for my english, i’m french !
PS2 : Adalo is amazing product, keep up in that way and continue to improve your product, there is few things to implement and you will be the best app’s builder !

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Salut @Josselyn :clipperton_island: et bienvenue au forum!

You can easily do this workflow with the new Adalo API :point_down:

PS: your English is perfectly understandable :ok_hand:

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Hi @Devops and thank you :slight_smile:

OK that’s what i was thinking about, i’m not familiar with API’s, but i will definitively look into it to improve apps performances :slight_smile:

PS: Slack channel not working ? can’t acces to it through the adalo footer website

Avec plaisir :wink:
You can also use some 3rd party tools to help you with heavier workflows:


Hi, Josselyn,

Do you want delete the data of expired product or just hide at the product list on your app?

If you want hide the information, just change the visibility of data at the list.

If you want to delete the data permanently, you can choice two options.

  1. use the 3rd party app
  2. make a trigger (like a button function) to delete the data. You can setup the filter value to delete only the expired product data when user touch the button.

Cheer up!

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Hi @MarkC actually i’ve already setup your ideas haha :smiley: Both of them indeed, list dont show expirate products and inside users account they can edit products and also delete it.

But, to avoid an huge database records, i want to delete product automatically when expiration date is gone :slight_smile:

Then an automated backend workflow is your best solution :wink:
Hopefully one day we should have this feature directly in Adalo.

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Hello everyone. Can I get some added clarification on this? It appears that the question is can an item be auto deleted after it’s expiry date. The responses seem to revolve around Adalos external API? I don’t think I’m getting it. Is this a workaround? I’d really like a step by step explanation if at all possible. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it.

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Hi @Jade,

I’m afraid that I can’t show you a step by step guide as I’m still on the freemium plan for the time being.
But I can try to explain to you how this would work in a nutshell.

So as @Josselyn was saying, he would like to clean up some space in his database by deleting old records automatically. (this is very useful if you don’t want to exceed your data cap or for other reasons)

To achieve this you can use an API Bridge tool like Zapier or Parabola (also no-code) to build a recurring backend workflow.

The Workflow can do the following:

1: Every day at 12 pm
2: Connect to my app’s database (via the Adalo API)
3: Search for records in my event dataset filtered by current date -1 day (via the Adalo API)
4: Delete the current records (via the Adalo API)

So that’s a backend workflow in a nutshell, hope that’s a bit clearer for you :wink:
PS: This isn’t a workaround, all web apps use backend workflows even Adalo.

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Ohhhhh we have to use a paid plan if i want to test this functionnality, oh ok

Good one, Parabola is great for bulk updates and way cheaper than Zapier, I use that for a lot of cleanups.

Yeah, Parabola is definitely for advanced workflows compared to Zapier, I personally use an RPA tool (UI Path) and host all my workflows on AWS EC2 as their CDN is the best :upside_down_face:.

Yeah I’m afraid so :persevere:

You use UI Path for workflow documentation or also other tools of it? I have my workflows just documented in MIRO but looking for a more automated tool. I have a EC2, but just running some simple ETL with Parabola + Integromat (We hijacked this topic :D).

It depends on the job, but my most used RPA is Winautomation (recently acquired by Microsoft), I also run my workflows on a T3 EC2 and it cost me about $15/month :wink:, can’t get cheaper than that haha.

What’s good with an RPA is that the possibilities are endless, you can have standard backend workflows or full web scrapping bots all running at the same time. Much more powerful than Zapier, Parabola…

Anyway, I’m going off topic, I could talk about RPA’s for hours :rofl:

Great. Thank you for that breakdown. Super helpful.

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I think they’re not using slack anymore. The link in the footer got changed to a link to this forum. However, the link is still at But it doesn’t work :roll_eyes: I DM’d Colin and he responded the team will look into it.

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