Auto Refresh for Lists Not Working

I have been having this problem with chat functionality for about a month now. I need to manually refresh the page for new messages to appear despite having Auto Refresh on. This happens for all of the lists that have this setting enabled. It is crucial that this gets fixed soon otherwise I will not be able to meet my deadline for launch. Any updates on this bug?

This bug is still being worked on by the team. I will provide an update as soon as I have more info on it. Thanks for your patience and sorry that this has caused an inconvenience for you.

You can try to workaround. I’ll try to explain)
You use the custom list and the message table. In this list you use the filter for filtering message only for current user - like this:

but you can try to use another one filter - like this (in your case Logged in user -> Message):

Dont use All Message and then filtering it. Try to use Logged in user -> Message

But it’s not good workaround because it works slow, and users will see all message on 1-2 second when they start the application.

Thank you for suggesting this! I’ll give it a try.

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