Chat Messages not appearing until message screen is re-entered

I have made a chat app.
However when I type in the chat message and click the icon, the new message does not appear in the message screen, I have to go back to the conversation screen, click on the conversation and re-enter the message screen in order for the message to appear - how can I fix this?

If you have it as a list of conversation you’ll need to click the button to refresh when a new message is entered.

so I need to set an action on the ‘send icon’? - I already have one set to create a new message - is there a way to set it to refresh

I think the option being referred to is this one: This needs to be enabled so that the screen loads in new data as it comes in?

That’s the one! pictures help a lot :grinning:

YES!!! thanks guys

oh dear - I activated that but the same problem came back
any ideas?

If I am in the chat, the first new message goes through to users as it should, then any reply etc is not visible until I exit the message screen and re-enter

How are you viewing it?

I tried it using the previewer on my computer (old mac), my phone (android) my workphone (iphone) and my husband’s phone (android).

I now have the situation that if I send the message, I can see it in my screen but the person I am chatting to cannot see it in their screen until they either exit the message and re-enter the message screen, or they can see it if they start typing in the message input area - that seems to trigger it to appear,

I have tried waiting a long time to see if that helped, but it made no difference

Have you enabled that button on all lists (in case you have a list within a list).

Hi Colin

It is just one list on the page.

I also opened a ticket on the account 214945857 last week where I have sent a video showing the issue but no response yet

You may have entered our autoresponder system.

Could you please submit a ticket through this link:

Thanks I have done - but I couldn’t send the video which shows the problem clearly.

Hopefully this is resolved soon

Can you paste a link to the video?

Hi, this same issue am also facing.
Anyone got the solution.
I enabled auto refresh but no new messages came!
When the sender types on the text field then the last message shows.

Hello Colin
I have the same issue about list.
the list works fine on the iPhone and PWA in Safari, but the same list doesn’t works on Android device (native and PWA)
For example - I have a list with a meetings, I added the new meeting on the iPhone and the meeting showed on the home screen, but when I added meeting on the Android - the meeting didn’t showed on the home screen (but in database I see this new meeting).


My application will run to the production on 31/10 and I’m so unhappy.

Same issue here. Chat messages does not update themselves even with auto update option on Custom list (conversation)

I too am having this issue with auto refresh. Chat was working relatively fine a few days ago, with the exception of minor lag. Now I have to manually refresh the page to see newly created messages. Any updates on a fix?

I have made the team aware of all the issues listed above with the asynchronous feature not working as intended. We will investigate this as a high priority. Sorry for the inconvenience it has caused.