Chat App Question

I was pretty excited to see the example chat app, as I need something similar for a project I am working on. So I recreated it the way I needed it, but I am finding that the chat UI (like iMessage, etc) does not update without either posting or refreshing the screen. For example, if I am chatting with another person, and he responds, my screen will not update until I refresh. Is there a way to get it to automatically refresh? It would be great if the lists has a setting to refresh every X seconds.


Hi Scott, making that list of messages refresh is realtime is a feature that’s still in beta, but we can enable it for your app if you want to DM me the name of your app and the name of the screen with the list of messages.

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Is this still in beta?

No, this is now available as an advanced option when configuring a list


Hi Ben, there is some video or tutorial to do it? because i try but I couldn’t find a way to do it.

It’s in the left panel for custom lists, when you click the Advanced Options button: