Auto refresh outside of lists

I’m building two apps that work together like a two-sided marketplace. it’s like Uber for lawn mowing.

when the user requests a mow I show a screen that says ‘looking for a mower’, and then in the other app when a lawn mower accepts the job I want the screen of the first user to update to say ‘Jane is coming to mow your lawn today’. I currently have a block set to invisible, and visibility is set on ‘job accepted’ updating to ‘true’ in the database when the mower accepts the job. everything is firing well, except the block doesn’t show up when the job is accepted. I know there is an advanced setting for lists that allows for realtime updates to data, but I can’t find one for elements that are not lists.

Any ideas?

This would be a good feature request at Currently if both users have the app open it will not auto refresh as you’re expecting. It will if the requestee opens the app back up and you could have them close and attach a notification to it when the mower selects the job. Another work around would be to turn that block into a custom list and filter it to show 1 message for the accepted job. Then use the advanced settings to refresh the data.

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ahh, the list idea is genius! thank you.