Auto-renewable Subscriptions

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I have one question to those who previously had set up auto-renewable subscriptions from the component which is still in beta test. Did you create two separate custom actions for google and apple or it was one custom action? And also did you need to use two separate digital purchase buttons? One for google one for apple? Because I don’t understand till the end how this component really works.

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Hey there @betijakaire

You only need 1 action and 1 button per subscription plan. The component detects which device the user is on and points them to the correct payment gateway (Google pay or Apple pay).

So if you have 1 subscription plan, you only need 1 button with 1 action. If you have 2 subscription plans, you’ll need 2 buttons, (i.e., Monthly and Annual plans)

I can help you set it all up on a Zoom call over 1 mentoring session. Let me know if you’re interested.

How do you get access to the beta test?

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