Auto update data fields

How would I make the app auto update a data entry, in other words, if a user deletes their account, their account is not deleted for 30 days in case they change their mind. Or say a user enters a time frame of 3 days, how can I make the app auto update using the magic text of 3 days?

I have heard there is a countdown component that can count down to a specific time and then the action is complete.

However, I think the user still has to be active on the app so I am not sure. I haven’t used the component before but worth having a look maybe?

If I’m not mistaken, there are two countdown components however they both require the user to have the app open and be logged in. I can’t have the user keep the app open for days obviously so I need an alternative countdown component or something.

Hi @Zwood ,
You could create an Adalo collection “DELETED ACCOUNTS” to register temporarilly the “Delete” request with a timestamp, then have Integromat with a schedule to check in that collection if there are requests more than 30 days old registered, if so, Integromat sends a DELETE request to that user id in the user collection and also delete the record in the “DELETED ACCOUNTS”.

Adalo does not have yet, rules like scheduling and Maintenance for database updates. Not sure there is a feature request. But I would only see this available in premium plans due to heavy load on the Databases.