Autofill a 1st relationship Property

I’m gonna try to be clear which is not very easy :wink:

I’ve a collection of prospects (leads) with a start date.
My goal is to see how many new prospects are created in the 1st week of the month, the second, the third, and for all the month. For that I use custom text input with filters and Charts.
Lets see the result that works well. On the top you have a sum of new prospects for each month on a charts. On the bottom a sum of new prospects per week for the chosen month.

To make this work I had to create a new collection of months with dates :
1st Day of the month - 8th day - 15th - 22nd Day - Last day of the month

So, the collection of Month is linked with the collection of Prospect.

My problem is a user interface … :face_with_raised_eyebrow: For the moment the user has to fill
First : a start date
Second : 1st Day of month (which is the key of the Month collection.) (Do you follow me … :smile: )
ex: start date = 08/24/2021 —> 1st Day of month = 08/01/2021

This is not user friendly to have to fill 2 fields for a linked information, don’t you agree … I’d like to remove this constraint
I would to like This 1st Day of month to be auto-field according to the start date.

I tried to do with Integromat … but as I understand Integromat can’t fill a relationship field in Adalo… :frowning:

Here is my integromat scenario : Adalo-watch records (updated in Prospect collection) ----> Google Sheets-Add row (just to verify the calculating of the 1st Day) ------> Adalo:update a record (calculting the right 1st day in the right Field in Prospect Collection and nothing happen in Adalo prospect collection :frowning:

Do you have any idea ?

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