Automatic action after time delay

I would like to have a field get deducated by 1 after a custom delay, say 1 hour, up to 0. So say a user enters the field as X=10 and the custom time is T=1h, then every 1h this happens: current value of X-1, till X=0. the only way I can see to currently do this is with Integromat or Zapier, but I cannot afford the team plan at this time. Is there any workaround?

Yeah- you can set the field up in an external collection e.g in airtable and update it through that API using

Thanks a lot. That perfectly solves it. I didn’t know I could use Airtable without the Adalo API.

Correction - the action done on Adalo still needs the API to connect into Airtable.

Capture the time (now) that the user updates x=10 call it TminusStamp (date/time) in the user table, set another field TminusValue (number) = 10, then the next time they visit the home screen or an interstitial, calculate now-TminusStamp as hours use rounding if you need, you may need a hidden input for that. Then update another field in the user table TminusValue. Next have a conditional to display your button or carry out an action based on that TminusValue.

You could end up with negative numbers so put a conditional on the home screen or interstitial to do it only when TminusValue > 0

A bit clunky but saves having an external service.

Hi Rozza
Thanks very much for the reply. I did think of something similar, but I’ve decided it’s a bit risky relying on visits to screens and asking for user input. For my specific application I’d definitely need the automation. I’ve decided to pause the feature for now and once there’s traction to go for the external service.
Do appreciate the assistance though!

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