Automatic actions

Hey there,
I have a collection that contains True/False column.
How can I make an automatic action that turns this parameter to “false” when decided?
Notice that I need all rows to be changed to “false”, and not just one.

can you provide more details to understand the scenario better? Thanks

Hi @barrosenfeld,

I don’t think you can update all rows in your collection from an Action (for the time being).

The good news is that this is now possible with your app’s API, you just need to create a workflow with a third-party tool like (Zapier, Parabola, or Integromat) that updates each row in your collection upon a webhook trigger.

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Thank for the response :slight_smile:
First, I’ll explain better:
I have a “Check List” Collection which allows users to check boxes when completing a task.
When they check the box, its row turns into “True”.
After this, I want to check all properties back to “False” again, so the next time the user enter the screen, all check boxes will not be checked.

API is a great option, and I tried Zapier for this task, but it doesn’t let me change all rows…
Any idea?

You need to create a loop action, so for each row in “Check List” update this thing.
Here’s a video explaining this for Zapier.

I would also check out this workflow in Parabola or Integromat, as it might be easier to achieve your result.

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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