Automatic chat page refresh

I’m developing an auction and chat page and my data is not being updated, only when a message is sent by the user this update happens. Therefore, if the user does not want to send a message, he cannot follow the live chat.

I need a solution for the page to automatically refresh every second, can anyone help me?

Hi @Ray ,

This is what my ultimate version of group chat template is doing.

If you are comfortable to spend small amount to buy template to accelerate the knowledge, look for group chat template in search in this forum.

Hi @Yongki , I’m interested in your solution, can you give me more details?

In the ultimate version, there are checkmark indicator if the message has been read, this is using visibility, obviously, so when certain expression is true, the list should show this as visible, but current engine in auto refresh still does not support it, so a workaround is needed.

If you buy the template, you still get normal version, which does not need extra performance to update those check marks.