Automatic database backup

I want to create an automatic system for creating database backups. This is just to be sure that not all my data is lost in a worse case scenario, so just any automatic way of exporting each collection in a file and storing it on my laptop or in the cloud is fine. I don’t need anything fancy or elegant, just something easy and no-code that is easy to set up. I already check out zapier and make/integromat but there it only works on a per collection item bases (makes it too complex, I need 1 file of all items per collection). What can I do? Is there a tool I can connect to that can pull a collection as a whole and not per item? Or is there perhaps a way to automate the manuel ‘download CSV’ button in Adalo?

Is there a way to extract the URL behind the ‘Download CSV’ button for a collection? Because if I have an URL for each collection I can make it a lot easier.