Creating a backup for data in Database

Hi All, I was wondering if there was an option or something to create a backup of all the data in the database, because if some data gets deleted or lost what am I going to do? The database has around 5k records.

@bhanu @Victor Any ideas?


@James_App_Maker this should be possible with automation tools (i.e. Integromat or ParabolaHQ)

For this operation specifically Iā€™d choose ParabolaHQ due to the way it is structured.

ParabolaHQ starts operations by importing your data into Tables, this makes it easier to mass transfer that data somewhere else periodically.

You can schedule a weekly or monthly backup or any other period of your choice with this approach.


@bhanu How can I do that?


If you use ParabolaHQ, you can perform a Pull data from API (Adalo API) and send this data in the form of CSV to dropbox or google drive in regular intervals.

Note: you can actually do a manual download of all your collections as CSV and do the same as well.

But using automation tools will save significant amounts of time.