Collections Data Backup

I would like to get help setting up a Collections data backup.
If I could use Collections API, this sounds like a relatively easy task to call Collections API on a schedule and save that data.
However, if I’m understanding the Adalo pricing plans correctly it seems Collections API is only available on a “Team plan” which is far too expensive for me (on a “Professional Plan”) - I tried following Collections API guide and got a You don't have access to this feature response after calling the api.

Hence my question is could someone please point me to a way of maintaining Collections data backups that doesn’t involve this exorbitant cost? I think having the ability to maintain data backups is almost one of the most basic functionality in app service so I can’t understand why Collections api is so expensive :frowning:

Direct CSV downloads from the editor.
It’s a manual process unfortunately.

There might be a solution with a 3rd party components.