Award Badges and Counting

ok, you all have been so helpful in the past. Lets see what you have for this…

I am wanting to create award badges that users can achieve after they have logged in x number of times. I have created a custom QR code that is attached to each user that can be scanned to check in.

I am wanting the QR code, when scanned, to increase in count and date each time it is scanned. If i cant have both then i at least want the increase in number. When a certain number is reached (say 10 times) that user is “awarded” a badge. Is this something that I can achieve?

This is where Im getting the inspiration from…

You could make use of automations here to award badges based on the count.

For the count add a field in users collection and maybe call it “check-in counter”, each time a user scans the QR, increase the counter and trigger an external automation to check the count and award the badges if it meets the criteria.

Now, make a collection of badges and have a 1-many relationship with users which you can show as list on user profile with all the badges the user accumulated over a period of time.

I have badges that display when a property gets over a certain number.

I made a badges collection with badge name, badge image, and badge value (number field).

Then I display a list of badges filtered to badge value is less than or equal to user > X number (in your case logins).
So any badges for 50 logins will display if user has logged in 50 times etc.

It doesn’t mean the badge will pop up and ‘award it’, but they will at least display on their profile or wherever.

I need qr scanner for my game. How did you make it? I want to place QR code around the city and when people scan with the app they getting points. ? Is that possible?

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