Automatically selecting item from list

My app can be used to do a transaction that is triggerred by an admin user from their own app. When the admin user triggers the transaction, they create an ‘pending transaction’ item in the pending transactions collection. When the user opens the app, I automatically check if there are any new pending transactions for that user, and if there are, then a list appears where the user has to select the pending transaction. However, since there can only be 1 pending transaction at a time,I want to automatically select the most recent pending transaction so the user can skip a page. How do I automatically select an item from a list, while I can still use that items data?

(I tried to change the setup by displaying the next page in a list, however since an item from the list is never explicitly selected and can get the data to save the finished transaction in my database)

Hi @ybierens,

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So like the user sees pending transactions in a list ( let’s say 2 pending transactions ) and there’s a button that selects the most recent one and go to the next screen and do something like to make it not pending ( maybe deleting that record ) and after coming back it’s not in the list and if the user clicks the button again the next most recent one selects and go to the next screen and do the same thing and come back and then the button and list disappears because the pending transactions are 0 for that user?

Thank you