Selecting items from a list and Reseting them after moving to a different page

I have a list of actions which displays all actions in its collection.


i want the user to Select actions and after selection the card will update with borders like this(already achieved using conditional visibility)
but when i leave this page and come back the actions that i selected previously are still selected.
how can i achieve the following scenario: after i select whatever actions and click next i want all the selected actions to be unselected? and if i need to select them again i want the user to go back to the same page and select again.?
i tried everything but it didn’t work. to clarify , below are the steps i need to implement

step 1: go to the selection page
step 2: select items
step 3: go back to the homepage and start selecting again
step4: select new items from the same list
step 5: go back to the homepage
awaiting anyone’s reply