Availability- function

I am looking for a simple way to allow users to show which day of week they are available to connect/or be hired

M - T - W- Th - F - Sat - Sunday

Just want them to then be able to say

Mornings: Afternoons : Evenings.

That should probsably suffice.

I would like to do this with out having like a star icon. Is there anything that has a nice user interface?


I still haven’t heard from anyone on this.

No one has done a version of this, that is elegant. Would love help!

Hi @Hawkinsg ,

Booking for schedule and check for availability is not easy, it will involve some collections and some process to do that.

But you still can search term like double appointment or booking appointment in this forum, something like that.

I don’t want to allow scheduling or booking. Just show available large blocks of time.

I just want users to be able to click forms to show availability so other side of market can see if they are available for like Friday/Afternoon. They don’t need to schedule.

Basically, want a users profile to generate a form that shows something like when they view current users profile:

Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Sat. Sun
Morning. Morning Morning Morning Morning Morning Morning
Afternoon. Afternoon Afternoon Afternoon Afternoon Afternoon Afternoon
Evening Evening Evening Evening Evening Evening. Evening
Overnight Overnight Overnight. Overnight Overnight Overnight Overnight

Thought is logged in user could see if there is a conflict or there availitbility matches and they can message and book through the chat functions.

If anyone has figured out a simple and elegant vesion fo this that would be fantastic!

Hi @Hawkinsg ,

Probably, this will give you an idea,

This is like whiteboard that we can put our name and remove it, so others can see.

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