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Hey team, I’m working on a meeting scheduler and ran into a quick question.

I used the following video as guidance: How to Make a Booking App in Adalo - YouTube

When scheduling a meeting with another user it displays date and time as follows i.e. “meeting in 16 hours” does anyone know how to change date and time so it would display as “meeting on Tuesday, January 18 at 8:00” or some variation of that? Thanks so much!

Yes, If you click on the time property its added with magic text. If you click on that you can change the format it’s displayed in.

Wow, I had no idea I could do that. Thank you, much appreciated.

No problem!

It works the same for other fields to like numbers, if you want them to show up as a currency or something else.

cool, huh!
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Hey @Bobby one more question on the meeting front. I’m creating a page for a user to re-schedule their meeting. The form only allows me to “create new slot”. Any idea how to change this to allow the user to update their meeting time so they don’t have to go through the whole process of deleting and re-creating?

Add a list and connect it to the collection and link it to the screen that the form has and you can Update the current item.

Hey @dilon_perera thanks for the guidance. I’m a little confused, I’ve attached a screen shot of the pages.

On the “update availability” page I created the list and connected it to the “slots” collection. I linked the screen to the form that allows someone to add their availability. From here how would a user update their availability? The form still only allows for someone to “create a slot”

Your Welcome!

To create and update you need two screens with a form. Add another screen with a form and you can link the Reschedule button to that screen and you will see update current slot.

@dilon_perera That’s some wizard shit. Added the screen and the option to update worked. Thanks again for the help! :slight_smile:

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